What Makes Kampung Arab in Indonesia Unique?


Kampungarab in indonesia has been known so well as one of the most recommended destinations that you can visit during your free time. It will always something great for you to come to this place as it can offer you both of fun and knowledge about the religion of Islam. On the other words, you will definitely be able to get the exciting and religious experiences for sure. Besides, Kampung Arab in the country can also impress you with several things that can make it so unique somehow. Thus, what are the unique things that you can find in Kampung Arab in the country? You better keep reading below to find out.

There are many things that can make the Kampung Arab in Indonesia become unique and too good to miss, which can be like:

  • It has a lots of old buildings

One thing that can make Kampung Arab that you find in Indonesia look so unique is that it has so many old buildings. For example, you will see some old buildings when you visit Kampung Arab in Palembang, South Sumatra. Two of them that you can be the part of the village for quite long time are the ice block factory and a lodginghouse of Queen Juliana of Netherlands. Aside of that, there are also numerous Arabian styled homes which have high doors and many windows that le the air flow perfectly. The unique thing about those homes is that all of them are mostly made of the durable hard wood called ulin, so that they can stand so firmly for hundred years and many years to come.

  • It makes you feel exciting nuance

Then, the other thing that can make Indonesia’s Kampung Arab so unique is that it can really make you feel like you like you are not in Indonesia. Perhaps, it is because you will the Arabian cultures live so well in the community. The Arabian people who live in the country will always keep the traditions that their ancestors have left for them.  So then, you will feel the different yet exciting nuance and atmosphere whenever you spend your time in the village. Even better, all of the Arabian community in the village will always warm welcome you with their kindness and sincere smile which can make you feel comfortable even though you have just known them for hours

In addition, you can visit KampungArab in Indonesia for the more religious experiences that you will not forget easily. It is because there are some religious sites that you can find in the village, which can be like mosques, tombs, the historical homes of the elder ones, and so many more. All of them will allow you to get the peaceful feeling and also the more knowledge of the religion of Islam somehow. So then, in case you really want to get the experiences, you have to make sure that you come to those sites during your visit to the village.