What are Psychometric tests – A Brief Introduction?


Recruiters, seeking to match ideal candidates with open positions, may try to investigate their candidates in advance with psychometric evidence. What is the psychometric test? A definition of psychometric test is a process of measuring attitudes or traits of personality as a means of determining the suitability of a candidate. The term psychometric is composed of the two Greek words- for the mind and the measure. The aim of the assessment is to find the most suitable and suitable people for a job or promotion candidate.

Psychometric assessment online test is not only useful for the recruiter and the employer, but also for the candidate, both short and long term. It can help potential employers to better understand the candidate’s personality, provide an idea of ​​what works well with the rest of the team. It is also useful for a job candidate, so it can be better tailored to a company, leading to greater satisfaction and job growth. Take a look at some examples of free psychometric tests.

Types of Psychometric Testing

Psychometric evaluations fall into two main categories. Those who are associated with ability / cognitive / aptitude, and those who value personality / behavior.

Skill Testing: This is the first type of psychometric test. These types of tests consist of multiple choice questions and are strictly timely. They are basically configured to measure their competence and intellectual abilities, as well as their logical and analytical ability to reason. There are several types of aptitude tests. These may include verbal reasoning, numerical skills, or abstract, space, and mechanical reasoning.

Verbal Motivation: This is an aptitude test that measures the ability to understand complex written materials and infer relevant information and conclusions. Questions may concern spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, but may also include understanding of reading.

Numerical reasoning: This aptitude test measures the candidate’s ability to analyze and understand numerical data and perform calculations when appropriate. These questions range from simple arithmetic to complex issues of numerical reasoning that are provided in blocks of information that must be interpreted correctly.

Whу usе рsусhоmеtrіс tеsts?

In the short term, passing a psychometric test means that the candidates arriving at the interview are definitely in the job contest, not just to make the documents. Recruiters better meet a candidate to open positions and employers can be sure to be a good combination right from the start. In the long term, psychometric tests can help manage the company and the employee understands how to grow in the workplace to increase employee satisfaction by relying on personality traits. In short, some of the benefits of implementing the psychometric evaluation are

Abstract Reasoning: This test measures the ability to quickly identify patterns, logic rules, and trends in new data, supplement this information and apply it to solve problems. The format of this evaluation is to see a sequence of symbols or a set of shapes and to determine how to complete the series.

Other tests: There are other specific psychometric tests for the company or work in deals such as Spatial Reasoning and Mechanical Reasoning (managed for technical and engineering positions)