Top Reasons to Choose a Female Voice over Artist


Have you ever noticed that most technical assistances and commercial product descriptions incorporate a female voice in their system? There are several factors to choose female VO artists over male talents. Research indicates that people of all ages can easily relate the instruction spoken by a soft and influencing voice. On the other hand, the male voice is more commanding and harsh which often go unheard and consequently, leaves no impact on the audiences. The female voice is found more trustworthy and melodious in compare to harsh male voices.

Followings are the reasons why female voiceover is more effective for your business and service.

Pitch and modulation: The sharp and clear pitch of female voice instills more confidence and people find it encouraging. The harsh tone of a male voice often seems to be monotonous while the higher pitch of a female artist has the charm to generate interest among the listeners.

Female VO artists have the talent to change their vocal tone which is called modulation. They can easily incorporate sharp and soft tune in a single sentence. Consequently, it helps the audiences relate to the factual details.

Soothing voice: Female voices are more appealing especially when you are selling any luxury items. Soothing voices make your audience feel comfortable and they immediately show interest in the services or the products.  Researchers indicate that the consumers are more inclined to trust females than males.

Clear accent: The clear tone of a female VO artist plays a vital role when it comes to dragging the attention of your prospective clients. The convincing and melodic tone leaves a positive impact on the consumer’s brain.

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Reliable: Consistency, reliability, and flexibility are three things that keep her ahead in the race when it comes to Voice recording.

Dedication: Her works clearly reflect her dedication and passion for this job. She is capable of handling multiple projects with utmost proficiency.

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