Things to consider when evaluating any kid entertainer


Hiring a kid entertainer for children’s parties takes more consideration than most parents would often care to think about. Ultimately you are paying for an entertainer who is supposedly able to make the whole night fun for the kids there and who can perform many different acts or tricks but sometimes parents get a rude surprise when the find out the kid entertainer they hired cannot meet their expectations. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating your next kid entertainer hire.

  • How long have they been in the business?

The business of entertaining children is huge and almost everyone would have considered being a kid entertainer either part time or full time at some point. That is why you will want to hire someone who has been in the industry for a long time, hopefully because they have a deep passion in making children smile, not that they are in the job just because they can’t find anything else worth doing.

The chances of your children and being entertained by an individual who sees his job as a burden will not be very successful instead, if the children are with someone who loves making them smile then chances are that is exactly what will happen. The longer they have been in the business, then that means the more experienced they are and the more likely that they are dedicated in their role as a kid entertainer.

  • Do they enjoy being with children?

Everyone knows that the world is not perfect, sometimes to make ends meet people have to do the jobs that they can get but not prefer doing. So it is important that you know you should look for someone who loves being around kids and making them happy otherwise the kid entertainer won’t be doing a good job and the kids will end up being disappointed.

When a kid entertainer loves being around kids then it can become evident very quickly because their body language will be more open and inviting to them. Always remember that you are hiring the kid entertainer for your children’s sake, not because you want to save some money instead and hire the cheapest one you can get off the market. This normally backfires in the end.

  • How much are they charging for their services?

While you should not base your decision to hire a particular kid entertainer solely on the price they are charging for their services, you should know that price is a great indicator to how skillful the entertainer thinks he or she really is. You should definitely budget yourself properly and see if you can afford some of the more expensive ones.