The detailed specifications of newly released Nokia 6!


The smartphones are manufactured by many brands these days. A brand can sustain in the competition only if it can offer something different and advanced than the rivals. It is possible only if the technological innovation is carried out and new features on the devices are constantly added. The brands also keep on experiencing various features. They see if the market helps and welcomes the changed or added features. Among the leading brands which have made such all experiences and gained the popularity, the name of Nokia Corporation comes first.

Nokia is a Finnish multinational company which started off as an electronics and communications developer company and now it is one of the most famous mobile brands in the world. Nokia was one of the first companies to bring out mobile phones into the Indian market, and in the initial days, everybody owned a Nokia QWERTY keypad phone. Over time, as new brands started pouring in the market, and as smart phones took over, Nokia subsequently had a number of competitors. It did lose its market to brands like Samsung and Motorola primarily, but over the last few years, Nokia has been trying to ace up in the race.

The Nokia 6 is the next in line of the Nokia series smart phones and wasrecently released. The Nokia users who have always preferred and trusted Nokia over other brands, here is a medium priced phone that can attract your attention. Nokia is known for its sturdy composition and robust configuration. Apart from that this, phone has a moderately good battery backup and a good camera on the phone. It is worth to mention here that the device has just launched, and hence it takes a little time to decide the mood of the market and see if the buyers have welcomed the device or not.

The following article is prepared by the experts in the field which delve into the detailed specifications of the phone and help you to compare the same in case you are thinking of buying it!

Display and Screen

The screen is the first section of the smartphone that is noticed by the buyers and users. Hence, it needs to be of high-standard that can offer excellent using experience to the user. The Nokia 6 flaunts a display screen size of 5.5 inch which is a full high definition IPS LCD screen. The model pixel density is 401 PPI. Due to the high pixel density, the colour of the screen is vibrant and the quality of images immaculate. It is a treat for the users who are into playing games or watching movies. Furthermore, the phone is protected by gorilla glass 3 in case of any fall or any adverse condition. The touch of this device is smooth and easy to access therefore making it easier to play games.


As far as the software part is concerned the buyer needs to have such device that does not lag and provide the fast processes in all the respects of his use. The Nokia 6 runs on Android V7.1.1 Nougat operating system and has an Octa core 1.4 GHz processor which is built on a Snapdragon 430 chipset. The phone has a 3GB RAM which helps the phone to work without any lag, stoppage or hindrance. One can easily play a high definition game on the phone or access and use multiple applications at the same time smoothly. Hence the processor can surely meet the requirement of the buyer there is no doubt about it.


In this age, one of the most sought features by a buyer on the smartphone device is its camera. The phone has a 16 MP primary camera along with 8 MP front camera. It has a dual colour LED flash which helps one to click pictures at night or in low light conditions. A person who loves to do phone photography must prefer this phone within this price range. Due to the good display screen quality, the image quality is more vibrant and bright. The video camera on the device is also loaded with some of the beautiful features that can help the user catch best of the clips.

Battery and Storage

The phone has a non-removable lithium polymer battery of 3000 mAh. It has a moderately good battery backup and keeps the phone on for good long hours. The non-removable camera is a disadvantage since in case of any battery damage the whole phone renders useless.

Coming to storage, the Nokia 6 has an internal storage capacity of 32 GB which can be expanded upto 128 GB. Thus, it has a good internal storage in case you are an avid music listener or photographers and need to save a lot of images or music files.

Network and Connectivity

The phone has a dual SIM card slot along with one hybrid SIM slot which can be used for a SIM card or an SD card. It supports all network connections such as 2G, 3G, and 4G Indian bands. It has the regular network connections like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and USB connectivity through micro-USB 2.0.


The price of this model in India is 14,999 INR, and thus, it falls under the mid-price range phone which comes under 15000 INR. With this price, the brand is going to have one more device in the range of medium priced phones.


This phone is especially for the Nokia users or the users who prefer Nokia as a brand over any other brand. The phone has moderately good features coming under the 15000 INR benchmark. The configuration is updated, and the camera of the phone is really good. The battery backup is moderately good, and the phone might warm up if used for long hours. If you want to buy the newest phone in the market right now, then you may check various phones on and analyse each model as per your requirement!