The Art of Buying the Best and Cheapest Air Tickets


If you love travelling, expensive flight tickets are not something that should halt your expedition. In this modern world of low-cost carriers and online travel portals, you can find the cheapest flight tickets to any destination. All you need to know are some tips that actually work. Five such tips are mentioned in this post.

If you love travelling, your expeditions should never stop. But if travelling to new destinations regularly is what you like; money could surely be a factor to worry about. If there is one thing that could significantly cut your travel expenses, it has to be the flight tickets.

In this modern world of low-cost carriers and online flight booking, it is now possible to find cheap tickets for flights throughout the year. What you need to know are some handy tips that are sure to deliver the best deal every single time. Five such tips are mentioned below-

  1. Use Third-Party Sites to Get the Best Prices

While you may have the habit of going to the official website of the airline to book the tickets, make sure you use third-party websites or at least visit them, before making your bookings. These websites often give you a more holistic picture regarding schedule and pricing of flights, including the one you may prefer to fly. And since these websites have bulk deals with airlines, often you may get a better price on these websites as compared to the pricing on the official website of the airline.

  1. Have a Flexible Travel Schedule

If you are just passionate about travelling, it shouldn’t be very difficult for you to be flexible with your travel schedule. Try to be as flexible as possible with the dates of travel, and you’d surely be able to save a considerable amount of money. This is because the fare widely fluctuates based on the day you select for your flight. It is generally recommended that you should avoid flying on weekends as the prices are usually higher as compared to weekdays.

  1. Join a Loyalty Program

Be it Jet Airways or Vistara, many of the air carriers in India now have amazing loyalty programs that can significantly benefit the travellers. Be a member of their loyalty program and earn miles and other rewards to cut down the flight expenses. Before joining, ensure that you first thoroughly understand the loyalty program, how it works, the expiry of the miles, etc. to select one that best suits you and the way you travel.

  1. Prefer Holiday Packages rather than Just Flights

No matter if you are planning to visit Delhi or Bangalore, and are searching for a flight from Bangalore to Delhi, or flights to and from other domestic destinations, prefer booking holiday packages rather than just booking flights. Online travel portals offer amazing deals on holiday packages, which include flight fare as well as hotel booking, making it an excellent way to save money. You’ll anyways end up booking a hotel, once you reach your destination, so why not book a package in advance and save a few bucks?

  1. Look for Co-branded Credit Cards

A number of air carriers in India have now tied up with credit card providers to offer co-branded credit cards that offer amazing flying benefits. You can earn reward points and cash-back every time you use the credit card, and the points can then be redeemed to get discounts on flight tickets. But when it comes to credit cards, ensure that you use it responsibly to avoid getting into any financial trouble.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for a sale, or special offer from the air carriers to start planning your vacation. Use these simple tricks, and you are sure to find the cheapest of flight tickets.