One of the Oldest and Favorite anabolic steroid among athletes and Bodybuilders


Stanozoland is an anabolic steroid. Stanozol and like any other anabolic steroids is available in both injection form and oral form widely known as Winstrol Depot for injectable stanozolol and Winstrol for oral tablet form. This steroid is also well known among non-steroid users as it has gained worldwide media attention many times when few athletes used this steroid as performance enhancer in Olympics. Stanozolol like any other anabolic steroid is recommended mainly in medical treatments like angioedema, delayed growth in kids, muscle wasting diseases, burns, osteoporosis, anemia, obesity due to hormonal imbalance etc. Stanozolol as an anabolic has played a significant role and succeed in medical community. It is due to its properties is very popular and is widely used as a steroid supplement for increasing weight in bodybuilders. It is one of the few steroids that was approved by FDA for human use and has never lost its approval till now.

How to use stanozolol, its functions and effects:

Stanozolol is widely available and is also restricted as prescription drug in many countries. Besides the restriction it is also available in online market like anyother steroid without the need of prescription by athletes and bodybuilders all over the world.It helps for increasing weight in bodybuilders. Even though it can be purchased online without prescription, in many countries it would be illegal. With the prescription from doctor the dosage is limited accordingly. Stanozoland is mostly available in 10mg strength oral tablet. Male bodybuilders can use up to 100mg for cutting cycle one or two weeks. Generally, 25mg to 50mg is taken every alternate day by male athletes for performance enhancement. A lower dosage of 5mg to 10mg is commonly recommended for female bodybuilders. This is not preferred to take in bulking cycles and is better used in cutting cycles to improve athletic performance, speed and power. When used in cutting cycles this gives hard rock muscles, improved strength in lean muscle mass and thus gives ripped physique look.

Stanozolol helps to improve muscle mass and endurance. It reduces the production of sex-hormone and thus reduces the free testosterone in bloodstream. Increases protein synthesis and retain nitrogen levels in the body. It will increase red blood cell count and thus improved oxygen flow and thereby enhanced muscular endurance. Use of this steroid will reduce stress hormones also called as muscle wasting hormones.This hormone is best used in cutting cycles than for bulking. In women bodybuilders, it may cause virilization and the symptoms include hirsutism, enlargement, clitoral voice deepening, etc. It can cause bad cholesterol to accumulate in the body. It worsens the baldness in male bodybuilders who already have a bald pattern and will cause baldness in others due to its androgenic effects. Water retention is again one of the side effects of using stanozolol. People who already have liver diseases must and should avoid taking this steroid as it will cause stress on liver and increases liver enzymes. On the whole, the dosage should not exceed eight weeks to avoid major side effects from this steroid.