Little Known Facts About Carpet Overlocking – And Why They Matter


Carpeted floors are a main source of attraction in everybody’s home. Carpets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. When a carpet is floored in a house, it might develop various cuts because of its irregular structure and unusual size. The ends of a carpet need over locking to make sure that it doesn’t come out often and lasts longer.

Use of off cuts of carpet

Generally, people use the off cuts of a carpet in their homes to place their heavy furniture over it. It helps to prolong the carpet life as the furniture seals the edges. Off cuts are very commonly used to protect wood floors.

Need of hallway runners

The homes that have the super tacky tiled floors and exquisite look wooden floors need the hallway runners to add aesthetic appeal striking character to the interior. Also the rugs or runners are best when it comes to the home pathway and certain utility areas like kitchen as they will help you to keep your feet warmer and also not disturb other members sleep by the tapping of feet as they are sound proof. The echo of the foot tap is what irritates everyone during the resting hours. Also, this will be good for you to rest on when tired and will act as a good and soft padded cushion for your feet thereby reducing the problem of back pain.

How is over locking done?

Carpet over locker is a typical machine that is just used to over lock the carpets. It is a big sewing machine that is used in the industries. Border of the yarn is always over locked to provide a better finish and to extend the durability of a carpet. Carpet overlocking is the best way to keep it safe.


Important points to be noticed

There are certain very important points that needs consideration every time you are doing an over locking or getting it done from someone else. For working out on off cuts you must see the size of the mats that is required. Also, you should use door mats, rugs and hallway runners to protect it in a better way. In order to make the mats from the carpet, there must be enough spare pieces available.

Also, the cut offs should be properly sealed to avoid any later damage to the carpet.  The corner of the mats and runners should be well finished.

Ways of finishing mat corners

The best way to give a perfect, durable and strikingly beautiful finish to the hallway runners, living room carpets, bedside runners and room mats is the rounded one. It looks very beautiful and it can be easily cleaned. It gives a neat touch and the carpet with rounded cut offs is stronger as only a continuous stitch is involved in it. It also prevents the curling of corners.

The ones which have squared or rectangular corner are weaker than its round cornered counterpart. Over locking of these also comes out quite often and they involve multiple stitches. Usually the over locking is done with squared corners in case of door mats, bedside runners and hallway runners, but not in the case of the living room carpet of the carpeted floors. This helps to keep the corners intact and the edge color can also be matched.

Color for over locking

The preferable color for over locking is always a dark one. Sometimes bright colors are also used. To give it an edge, we can use contrasting colors. They add beauty to the carpet. It all depends on person to person as the styles and the choices may vary. Want to know more? Go through this link for getting informative information.