List of permitted calculators for the MSBTE 2018


Are you sitting for the upcoming MSBTE Exam 2018? The MSBTE 2018 is one of the most famous and sought-after state-level entrance tests looked forward to by all the aspiring candidates who wish to pursue their higher diploma, advance diploma, and post diploma technical courses form some of the most prestigious affiliated colleges and universities of Maharashtra. The MSBTE (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education) is a state-level autonomous education board which is governed and regulated by the Maharashtra Government and the Directorate of Technical Education. The MSBTE is responsible for designing and implementing the higher degree diploma, advance diploma, and post diploma courses and programs across the affiliated technical colleges and educational institutes of Maharashtra.

If you are looking forward to sitting in the upcoming MSBTE 2018, then there are various aspects of the state-level entrance test that you must know. First of all, you must analyze whether you are eligible for sitting for the exam and the overall course or not. Then, comes the syllabus and the overall preparation from your end which would determine your selection process. Another most important aspect that the candidates often have to deal with is the use of calculators in the MSBTE main entrance test.

Several candidates who are sitting for the MSBTE 2018 have this query whether or not calculators are allowed in the MSBTE 2018. Calculators are essential exam components that help the candidates by simplifying the overall complex calculation process for them. By using calculators in some of the major time-restricted examinations, the candidates are able to save a lot of time & energy into solving each problem by their own mind. There are several state-level and higher examinations that allow the use of calculators.

Use of Calculators in MSBTE 2018

The MSBTE 2018 will be allowing the use of only specific calculators. For instance, the programmable calculators are not allowed in the MSBTE 2018. You might be allowed to use the normal ones which are able to perform simple mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction, and others. Here are some of the features of the simple calculator that you will be carrying along with you that might be allowed in the MSBTE 2018 exam:

  • Fraction keys
  • Percentage key
  • Logarithm and exponential keys
  • Parentheses keys
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Statistical operations

Some of the features of the calculators that are NOT permitted in the MSBTE 2018 include:

  • Programmable calculators or any calculator having a sequence of operations stored or executed automatically
  • Capable of storing, graphing, and manipulating functions
  • Capable of storing alphanumeric data as input by the user
  • Capable of performing hard-wired mathematical operations

When you are aware of the particular types of calculators that are allowed in the MSBTE 2018, you can do your preparations accordingly. You must still, not depend on the calculator functioning for your main entrance exam. You must practice the questions on your own while preparing for the MSBTE 2018. Here’s wishing you good luck for your exams – hoping you emerge with flying colours!