How to take care of your online banking password

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Today we will be mentioning certain tips that any internet user, who is accustomed to use this medium to make your online banking transactions and payments must be always present, in order to protect your personal data, and your money. One of the questions that our users ask us is how do i take care of my password?

In FNBNorcal we recommend the following:

  1. To use difficult passwords where they can collate patterns of letters and numbers, a password that is impossible to decipher, but above all it is a password that you can remember.
  2. It is very important to stop using the names of his children, his mother, the names and dates of birth of a family member, since these patterns are very common and are easy to decipher, which would be terrible for any person who conducts banking transactions and payments online.
  3. We also recommend that each, a certain period of time change your passwords, that is, each 3 months “an example” become accustomed to change your password, this technique avoids in a 100% the theft of important information of the users.
  4. In the event that one of our clients lost by accident your password and do not remember, what you can do is to go to our staff of technical customer service and this will tell you the steps that you have to complete for the recovery or change the password.

We know that the rush and the excess of work prevents many people conduct their banking transactions in the different branches, it is for this reason that many banks offer online service, where all your customers can transfer money, make payments of payroll, or withdraw money without having to go to a branch and for this it is mandatory to use a password. The only thing that our customers can do is create a password that is difficult to decipher, but at the same time it is easy to remember for them.

This is one of the requirements requested by the banks to their customers, with the sole purpose of security measure in each of the processes that go to make, we know that for many is something that they don’t like it, because they think that we ask for many things, but the reality is that, it is the only way that exists to protect your privacy at the time of any topic banking online.