Akanksha Sharma, Ex Bigg Boss Contestant goes dirty against Yuvraj and his Family over “Harassment “claims


Things may not be going right for Our very own sixer king Yuvraj singh on the field but the recent allegations by his ex bhabhi Akansha Sharma on him and his family for Domestic violence, adds on to his off field troubles too.Akansha Sharma,ex big boss contestant and former wife of Yuvi’s younger brother Zoravar has said that the family was involved in harassing her mentall;y and she was being “Pushed” and “slapped” also in the process. Moreover, Akansha’s Mother in law Shabnam singh also filed a case for recovery of all the precious jewellery she gifted to her ex Daughter in law.

Its worth mentioning here that the same Akansha Sharma used the “Bride to Yuvi’s Brother” tag to gain popularity and this is the same reason why she got a place in the Big boss house as a contestant. Moreover whilst defaming her ex Mother in law in the Big boss house, she was all praises for Yuvraj and also said that she never had issues with our beloved cricketer. Now the same Akansha is playing dirty on him just for the sake of “Cheap” publicity and also alleging him of having “Marijuana” in her statements. She must have forgot that this is the same Yuvraj singh,who fought a battle against cancer and came out victorious and we don’t doubt a bit that he will fight this battle too, for his family.

The case is set to be heard on 21st Oct in Gurugram court and we will keep you updated on every bit of the same as this fight between the “Goodness of Yuvraj” and “Evils of Akansha” continues.