7 Awesome Reasons to go to Marrakech Morocco


For those looking for an exotic yet welcoming vacation destination Marrakech, Morocco may be just the place for you. With a strong government push this country is openly embracing and welcoming tourists. There is great value to go to Morocco and luxury villas in Marrakech are on the rise. With bright colored markets, delicious foods and plenty of culture, Morocco is fascinating place to visit.

Morocco is known as the place where the sun sets and is characterized by its rugged mountain interior, large tracts of desert and a lingering coast along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Morocco is the fifth largest economy in Africa and Marrakech is the fourth largest city within Morocco. The city has been nicknamed the “Red City” or “Ochre City” for the red sandstone that was used to build much of the city. This dates back to 1122-1123 when the walls were built by Ali ibn Yursuf. Marrakech continued to grow and establish itself as a cultural, religious and trading center. There is an international airport and a major railway station making travel to and from the city a breeze.

As you look for your next vacation destination here are seven awesome reasons to go to Marrakech, Morocco.

Marrakech Souks and Market

The Marrakech Souks and Market is one of the best things about this city. This market is huge and attracts hundreds and hundreds of visitors and locals alike. Here you can find crafts, jewelry and beautiful carpets. Keep wandering and looking for lamps, food and all sorts of other cultural wares. Do be a responsible traveler and don’t buy endangered animal products or support the use of illegal wildlife trading. This is still an ongoing issue for the city and something we can all help to eliminate as tourists. This market defines the culture of the city and is a must visit attraction.

Djemaa el Fna

This popular city square is the place to go at night. Filled with fortune tellers, story tellers, dancers and musicians this place lights up at night. The square converts into a bubbly place full of performances. During the day this is still a great place to wander about looking for souvenirs, but try to get down there at least once in the evening time.

Go to a Traditional Moroccan Hamman

Usually once a week Moroccans go to a Hamman. This is where they bath and cleanse themselves until their skin glows. The Hamman is very much a significant part of Moroccan culture, beliefs and way of life. If you enjoy steam baths or saunas then definitely go to a Hamman. Many of them also offer massages and body treatments with essential oils and fragrant perfumes. This experience is deeply enrooted in Moroccan culture and should not be skipped.

Stay in Luxury Accommodation

Morocco has had a very intentional push to offer visitors top notch services. The current philosophy of the country is to be very pro-tourist. Here the value of the dollar for many visitors can go a long way. As such opting to splurge a little and stay at some more upscale places can land you in some really nice digs. Even for the most seasoned traveler, a day out in the streets of the city can be a lot.  Having a nice place to go back to each evening is essential to making sure you are well rested and have a chance to decompress for the next day. As you decide where to stay, don’t overlook the benefits of opting to stay in a nice place. It will add to a vacation you won’t soon forget.

Enjoy Moroccan Foods

The bright colors and rich textures of Moroccan food dazzle and delight both locals and visitors. There is so much variety to all the different types of foods to try in Morocco. Hearty meat and fish dishes will fill you up and keep you going for the day while the pastries and sweets are unavoidable. All aspects of Moroccan food is meant to be relished and reminisced. Spices and fresh herbs are staple in nearly every kitchen. It is usually one of visitors most memorable experiences is to think back fondly to the foods. Marrakech caters well to its many visiting tourists.

Visit Medina

For those staying in Marrakech a visit to Medina is an absolute must. This UNESCO World Heritage site is in this historic center of the city. Here there is a variety of old residential buildings, monuments and architecture. If you like checking things off a list there are lots of places to visit within this site. Some notable places include Koutobia Mosque, Badia Palace andSuaidain Tombs among others. You can just as easily wander around to your hearts content as you check out all the other sites as well. This is another part of Marrakech that is deeply rooted and essential to their culture.

Go to the Museum of Marrakech

There are numerous museums all around the city but if you are going to choose one, go with the Museum of Marrakech. Even if you are not a huge museum lover, this place is worth going to see. The museum is set in a historic building that used to belong to the royal chamberlain Sidi Said’s Mansion. Now it houses a prominent collection of musical instruments, carved doors and strange kitchen tools. There is also an impressive collection of daggers and some amazing Moroccan art on display.

As you are looking for your next vacation destination to live it up and experience a new culture make sure you consider keeping Marrakech, Morocco at the top of your list.